Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mini Sugarpill Haul with Swatches

A while ago Sugarpill had an anniversary sale so I finally indulged in the Burning Heart palette some eyelashes (although still waiting on another couple of pairs as they ended up out of stock) and Asylum the famous loose red eyeshadow!

Yesterday my parcel finally arrived :)

Super sweet packaged in pink tissue, with a sparkly Sugarpill sticker and a sample of Goldilux loose eyeshadow.

Let's start with Burning Heart. I love the packaging. It looks fab and it's nice and sturdy so not likely to get battered in the bottom of a makeup bag any time soon.

The colours are incredible. All four are matte and have insane colour payoff.

All colours are swatched without a primer or base (imagine how intense they will be when using one!)

L-R Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love+ and Poison Plum
Next we move onto a loose eyeshadow called Asylum. It's a beautiful, sparkly red. Probably not a necessity to everyone but it's just beautiful, I couldn't resist.

Left: Asylum with no base      Right: Asylum onto of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Finally are the two pairs of eyelashes which are breathtaking. One pair are long and purple, the other thick, spikey and black.

I cannot wait to play around with all of my goodies

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