Monday, 20 August 2012

New Toys - Nail Stamping

After seeing this amazing piece of nail art on Sugar Nails I simply had to get myself a set of Monster Bundle Nail Stamping Plates, just to get the Hibiscus flower!

I've seen the nail stamping plates around for a while but never really got it so I did a bit of investigating and decided to invest in the gear that I needed.

The set that I got from Monster Bundle was the 25 piece 2012 set. And it is amazing. I love the selection of full nail patterns, tips and small icons. Something for everyone.

I also bought the Konad double sided stamp and scraper set along with Konad special nail polish in white.

My first attempt went relatively smoothly. I was expecting to be cursing the whole way through and ending up with nothing, but although not a perfect result definately easy enough and with good enough results to make me want to use them over and over again. In fact I simply don't have enough nails to try all of these out as quickly as I want to.

OPI - It's My Year - A gorgeous purple/gold shimmery duochrome that photo's don't do justice
Konad Special Nail Polish - White
Bundle Monster - Plate 318

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