Wednesday, 13 June 2012

LOTD Dark Berry Lips - Lord & Berry Lipstick

The trend on alot of celebrities and models at the moment is the dark berry lip.
I love this look so much. My inner rocker was dying to break out, so when ASOS had 20% off makeup I invested in my first Lord & Berry lipstick called Vogue Black Red.

It's got a matte finish and I absolutely adore the colour. It's rich and pigmented, although a little drying, but this is often the case with matte lipsticks anyway.

I wore it to work one friday and although noone said anything I did get a few double takes, but that's never really bothered me as long as it's for having out there makeup rather than it being smeared all over my face.
I just stuck to a plain black flick on the eye, with a little bit of Mac Young Punk over the top to set it and add a little sparkle.

This lipstick would look fab with a dark smokey eye on a night out. Probably not so work friendly though!


  1. What a beautiful color! You pull it off very well. :)

  2. Looks gorgeous. ^^ I agree, not many people can pull off such a dark shade.

  3. Thanks lovelies. I adore this colour. Just wish there were more occassions to wear it.
    Looking forward to the winter when I'm sure I'll favour it