Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Makeup Storage Solution

Something I always struggle with is how to store my makeup.
I am always trying to make the most out of my collection so I tend to grab things and use them once then forget to put them back as my storage solutions have previously not been so user friendly. Mainly other beauty boxes filled with different items and dotted over the place and a couple of perspex drawers.

I've kept my Mac eyeshadows in on of my perspex drawers as this is the easiest place for me to see my full collection without rummaging.

Everything else though has now got a new home, thanks to the wonderful Lipglossiping sharing her storage solution.

It comes surprisingly cheap from Ikea. One set of Helmer drawers + 6 Antonius trays = makeup storage heaven for less than £36!!

I wasn't expecting either item to be that substantial, I thought they'd be made out of flimsy plastic but the Helmer is really robust and metal, whilst the Antonius trays are quite a strong, thick plastic.

So after a morning of DIY-ing to put it together (it wasn't actually the whole morning as it is a pretty easy piece to build) I now have a new home for all of my makeup.

There are some gaps in my drawers so now I feel it is necessary to buy more so that I can fill it up and make it look prettier :)


Nail Varnishes

My face draw-Foundations, concealers, primers, highlighters etc

Mac lipsticks and OCC Lip tars/Sleek Pout Paints

Some of my eyeshadow collection

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