Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mac In Extra Dimension

I was really excited for this collection from Mac, mainly for the Extra Dimension Skin Finishes as I'm a bit of a sucker for the mineralize skin finishes and these seemed a bit different.

But because I am trying to be a bit more sensible with my insane makeup buying (I mean I only have one face but enough makeup to probably last 10 people a lifetime), by the time I decided to invest using 10% off at Debenhams there was only Glorify left in stock.

Glorify is a nice dark bronze colour with an almost golden sheen.

It looks scarily dark when first swatched but buffs out nicely.

I love the inprint on them, I think it looks really pretty.

Although I keep thinking about getting the other two lighter shades for highlighters, I wasn't so overwhelmed that I feel I have to go out and buy them right now. Maybe if I pop into a Mac store in the next couple of weeks and they're still in stock I'll swatch them and fall in love. Who knows!

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