Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mac Summer Collection - Hey Sailor!

On Monday Mac released this years summer collection named "Hey Sailor". Ever since seeing the first promo shots for this collection I have been ridiculously excited so as soon as it went live on the Mac website I placed my order.
I picked up quite a few bits but I am definately not done hauling from it. I need to get Crew highlighter since finding out the striped pattern isn't just an overspray, it does in fact go the whole way through the powder :)

Fleet Fast blush is amazing, it's such an easy colour to wear and blends beautifully.

As always my love for Mac's bronzers is still high with the two I picked up here. I got one Pro Longwear called Nude On Board and one normal bronzer named Soft Sand

Feeling Fresh eyeshadow is a gorgeous bright green, and I am glad that I finally picked up Crystal Avalanche, its the perfect inner eye highlight colour.

Finally I picked up Shore Leave lipliner, which is a lovely coral and a really buttery texture.

Anyway here's my haul along with some swatches

My Haul


Left: Pro Longwear Bronzer - Nude on Board      Right: Bronzer - Soft Sand
Left: Pro Longwear Bronzer - Nude on Board      Right: Bronzer - Soft Sand 
Blush - Fleet Fast

Fleet Fast

Fleet Fast swatch
Left: Feeling Fresh eyeshadow     Right: Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow

Top: Shore Leave lipliner    Left: Feeling Fresh eyeshadow    Right: Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow
Crystal Avalanche and Feeling Fresh on the eyes with Fleet Fast Blusher on Cheekc


  1. That's the best swatches I've seen for the bronzing powders! Thank you so much! I still want both. lol

    1. Glad you liked the swatches. I love these bronzers, totally considering going back for the other two (even though I already have refined golden!)