Sunday, 27 May 2012

Introducing Sugarpill's Heart Breaker Palette

Last friday saw the release of four new eyeshadows from Sugarpill. I ordered the palette as soon as it went on sale as the colours looked incredible and I just love everything Sugarpill.
It arrived in the post yesterday, so happy that it only took a week to arrive, I was expecting not to get it until next month.
I instantly had to swatch and play around with it.
It was everything I hoped it would be.

Acidberry is a bright limey green, and my favourite of the four
Velocity is a royal blue, which I think is a matte pressed version of the chromolust Royal Sugar
2am is pinky purple
Mochi is the perfect light turquoise, something that I have been hunting for for a while.

The pigmentation on all of the colours are amazing. If you love bright colours then you have to add this to your makeup collection!

Here's some pictures of the palette, some swatches and a quick look I did:
Heartbreaker Palette, Addicted to Pretty

Left-Right: Mochi, Velocity, Acidberry, 2am


  1. OMG gorgeous - I never would've thought to combine colors like that! My cat just smashed apart my ENTIRE makeup collection short of 6 MAC pots so I'm definitely jealous of your extensive stash right now. lol

    1. Oh no alexa your poor makeup! Naughty kitty!