Thursday, 17 May 2012

Illamasqua Skin Base in Au - Human Fundamentalism

Ever since seeing the gorgeous, glowing, golden skin in Illamasqua's promo shots for their Human Fundamentalism collection, I knew I had to have the new Skin Base in Au (the chemical symbol for Gold)
Seeing as I am a rather pale person I knew it wasn't going to be my perfect foundation so I waited until I could get discount on it (thank you ASOS).

When it arrived I tried it straight out, and although dark, it does give a lovely glow. Maybe after a few weeks in the sun I could wear it as a foundation but until then.....

This is fab to mix in with your regular foundation to add a subtle shimmer and a slight glow to your skin.
Alternatively use it as a liquid bronzer, just blending it into your cheeks.
Or if you're a shimmer junkie like me, both!!!

It's hard to capture the sparkly on camera but it is lovely in real life especially when the sun catches it.

Definately one to check out if you enjoy a sunkissed look or if you, like me, just need a little more shimmer in your life.


  1. It does look a little dark but maybe blended well and some finishing powder over it might be perfect!

    Boston Princess

  2. I don't own any Illasmasqua yet, but have seen and read many reviews on this product! May have to take a look at Sephora soon:)