Saturday, 14 April 2012

OCC Lip Tars

I finally invested in some of the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars after seeing xsparkage's swatched of the summer colours in "The Garden" collection.

Whilst I was looking for the new colours I spotted that Love Makeup was selling off the tar's in the old packaging at £6.50 so I decided to indulge.

Today I have Queen, a gorgeous, vibrant, red/pink colour.
The wear on these is insane. I put it on before 8am, and wore it until 6pm. It survived endless cups of tea and lunch. It was a little drying after a few hours but nothing that a little balm won't fix.

I'll share my other lip tars with you another time (I can honestly say that I am in love)

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