Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dior Addict Lipstick - 578 Dior Kiss

I've been meaning to try dior addict lipsticks forever, but for one reason or another I never got around to buying one. This week I ended up walking back to the train station from work and had time to spare so went into Debenhams. It quite possibly is the most disappointing Debenhams ever built but there is a Dior counter so I figured that would satisfy my needs.

The girl on the counter was lovely and incredibly helpful, I was just browsing through the colours, and goodness there are alot of them. So I decided if I was going to get one it should be the gorgeous pink Kate Moss sports in the promo pics.

I was also colour matched for Dior Forever foundation and given a sample, along with a sample of Dior New Look Mascara and a couple of skin care items.

Add in the fact I had £10 on my beauty card to spend and it turned into a very good way to kill time whilst waiting for my train.

Now onto the lipstick itself.

The tube is beautiful, it catches the light and turns purple and blue. Stunning.
The colour looks really intense in the tube but on the lips translates to a beautiful, everyday pinky gloss. It feels super conditioning too, which is a huge bonus in this horrible cold snap we're having.

I have definately loved my first Dior lipstick and plan on adding more to my collection. The only question is how to pick a shade?

Availiable at Debenhams priced £22

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