Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Topshop SS12 Collection - Sisters of the New Moon - Lipstick Swatches

When I saw these pop up at the end of the last week I knew I needed to investigate further.
For a start the packaging is simply to die for.

The nail varnishes look nice, but I have a bunch of metallics already and I really don't have enough fingernails to get through wearing even half the polishes I already have. So I took a pass on them.
Same with mascara. Got a wide collection already and never seem to try one and get wowed so for me it wasn't worth the £10.

The lipstick and liptint on the other hand intrigued me a little more.

The lip tint, called Crystal, is gorgeous to look at in the tube. It's a translucent and incredibly glittery candy pink. So cutsey.

When I swatched it and tried it out I was a little disappointed as there seemed to be such little colour payoff.
That being said it is supposed to react to your skin, which normally means body temperature. And I did notice the colour turn pinker after a little time. So after being a little underwhelmed to begin with I actually quite like it and think it will be a really easy lip colour to throw on when I have on a heavy eye.
Top - Charmed Lipstick, Bottom - Crystal Liptint
  The lipolour, Charmed, initially looked like it might satisfy my need for the sold out Bobbi Brown Atomic Orange, but it lacks the punch. It's a good standard, coraly orange, but it's nothing unique and doesn't stand out in my collection.

I love the packaging and I think the idea behind the collection was good, it just lacked a little power.

Top Picture - Charmed, Bottom Picture - Crystal

Currently available in store and online, lipcolours priced £9 each

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  1. I love the Charmed colour! I like that its not too bright. The nail varnishes in the collection look lovely though.
    I've recently done a post about it too