Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nars Mini Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Set

I fell pray to this set after swatching them at John Lewis before Christmas, the colours were simply beautiful and I thought the would be great either to wear on their own or as a base for other eye shadows. So I ordered them off of Asos as I had a 20% discount code.

Picture L-R: Aigle Noir, Tall Tale, Magic Moon, Palladium, Skorpios, Ballets Russes

Aigle Noir is a black base with flecks of gold glitter
Tall Tale a beautiful deep purple
Magic Moon a wonderful metallic cobalty blue colour
Palladium is a fab turquoise
Skorpios is a lovely bronzey orange
Ballets Russes (love the name) is a sheer white based glitter, maybe best suited as a brow highlight of in the tear duct

At first glance I was so happy I'd bought them. That feeling didn't last too long.

I made an eye look using three different colours, layering a little eyeshadow over the top in the hope of intensifying the colour and increasing the longevity of the look I had created.

So I went to work, and had forgotten all about wearing these new pencils until I went to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of my reflection. The level of creasing and slippage was unbelievable. It had only been a couple of hours yet it looked like I had slept in my makeup. I tried to smooth out the creases but with little success.

These have stayed pretty untouched since then. Last week I decided to try the navy "Magic Moon" as an eyeliner. Again without much success. The colour transferred from my lash line onto my crease and faded quickly too.

Overall a very underwhelming performance. It hasn't put me off of Nars as a brand at all though. I love their colour collections and fun product names, I just think these are a disappointing part of an otherwise amazing brand.

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