Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sugarpill anniversary sale

Just a quick heads up to any of you out there who might be interested in checking out Sugarpill Cosmetics. It's their two year anniversary today so the lovely Amy has taken 20% off palettes and loose eyeshadows. Take advantage of it sharpish, the palettes tend to go out of stock quite often, because they are just that awesome. I finally ordered the burning heart palette, it looks positively firey. Red, yellow, orange and a purple that is ready to rival MUFE's #92 I also ordered the loose shadow in Asylum. Probably not the most necessary colour to add to my collection but there is just something about that shimmery red that I couldn't say no to. Even though they weren't in the sale I still bought four sets of eyelashes, they're only five dollars each and look incredible. If you fancy giving Sugarpill a go, head over to Sugarpill and use code CAKE before weds to get your 20% discount

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